What Football and Sales Have In Common

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As I prepare to watch my formerly undefeated Arizona Cardinals play the Detroit Lions I had an epiphany. Football and sales have quiet a bit in common. Allow me to explain!

The Quarterback manages the game, calls the plays, reads the defense, adjusts (audibles) his strategy accordingly and is responsible for getting the team in the end zone for the touchdown.

Similarly, the Sales Agent manages his territory or book of accounts, every lead or dial is like a play in which he has only a few opportunities or possessions to capitalize on.

Each effective question is like a completion and the more questions asked the further downfield you get as well as expose the needs of the defense; I mean the customer!

Objections are like when the defense blitzes and attacks with pressure. The Sales Agent now has to respond quickly and neutralize the pass rush or risk being sacked, fumbling, turning the ball over and losing the sale.

The same way a good scoring drive in football requires a well executed game plan and a will to win in order to score a touchdown; it’s imperative the sale process be strategic, intentional and is performed with energy, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency if you ever want to put some numbers on the board!

Vince Lombardi once said “Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority”. Sounds a lot like sales if you ask me!

What other parallels do you see that football, sports in general and sales have in common?

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**Wheres the Energy, Enthusiasm and Sense of Urgency in sales reps?**

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**Why do we insist on using the same old worn out methods from times past instead of upgrading to strategies that fit the context of todays customer and marketplace?**

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