SSP 031: Educate, Equip and Evangelize with Luis Congdon

Todays guest is host of Podcasters Secret Weapon and ThrivingLaunch CEO Luis Congdon.
Luis used to be homeless, sleeping on couches, in parks and lost. Now he’s on a mission to help others find their voice, reach thousands, and help impact the world via podcasting, writing, and YouTube. Luis went from homeless to running a six figure business in less than two years, to now interviewing experts & celebrities all around the world to enlighten, inspire & inform listeners on how to improve their personal and professional life.
Key notes from the show:
Luis made over 350 calls without closing one.
Luis started podcasting to learn how to sell.
Having a coach and a mentor equals success.
Sales was the answer to poverty.
If you have something awesome to share you have a moral obligation to share it and give people the opportunity to invest in it.
Business is deeply tied into my spiritual life and has been one of my greatest teachers.
Be comfortable with rejection.
Be relaxed when talking about money.
No other practice has given me certain elements of growth that business and selling have.
The 3 E’s
Book Recommendations
The 80/20 Principle – Richard Koch
The Sales Bible – Jeffery Gittomer
4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris
How to connect with Luis:



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**The Real M.Mason**

A Sales Professional since 2000 but didn’t begin to see success till after 2007 when I declared, decreed, and claimed I would become an Elite Sales Professional and put all my energy and effort into that goal. Upon completion which included lots of trial, error and failure as well as patience, maturity and success I felt driven to share my journey with others and in 2013 joined the Learning & Development Team as a sales trainer for AT&T.

**Questions I’m Still Answering**

**Wheres the Energy, Enthusiasm and Sense of Urgency in sales reps?**

**Why do sales reps settle for mediocrity and complain instead of striving for excellence?**

**Why do we insist on using the same old worn out methods from times past instead of upgrading to strategies that fit the context of todays customer and marketplace?**

*How I Nerd Out*
I nerd out on text books, audio books, podcasts, inspirational/motivation speaking; pretty much anything related to growth and development.

*Things I Cant Live Without*
My iPhone, iPad, MacBook, headphones, Evernote, 15 minutes of meditation a day.

*People I Can’t Live Without*
My wife Michele, daughter Jayla and son Ashton.

*Key Contributors*
Grandfather who taught me the fundamentals of life. Basketball which taught me the importance of practice, repetition, and teamwork and a long list of authors that helped fill in the gaps.

*What Drives Me*
Doing everything I put my hands on with excellence. Motivating, encouraging, inspiring others to find and express the greatness that’s already within them. Mastery.

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