SSP 026: Better You, Better Sales Pro with Tony Jalan

Todays guest is John C. Maxwell performance coach Tony Jalan.
Tony Jalan is a speaker, sales performance coach, trainer, and sales leader.
He believes that the only limits we endure are the ones we place on ourselves, and so for Tony, the sky’s the limit.
Tony’s gonna talk about mistaking activity for achievement, figuring out your strengths, understanding your why and so much more.
Key Points:
If you want something you have to figure out why you want it.
If that why is strong enough you’ll get over your fears.
If only one degree off each day for a year and you’ll be 365 degrees off course in a year.
If you want to be successful in sales you need to have a process you manage.
Success leaves bread crumbs.
It’s not just about becoming a better sales pro, its about becoming a better you.
Activity without purpose leads to unfulfillment
Sometimes it’s not that you’re doing things wrong but rather you haven’t been doing things right long enough.
The bigger my why the less things get in the way of it.
My philosophies created my beliefs
My beliefs transferred into my actions
Which give me my results
Help enough people get what they want and you can have the world – Zig Ziglar
Curiosity and resistance can not coexist.
Instead of always be closing, always be curious.
Book Recommendations:
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Intentional Living
The Slight Edge
How to contact Tony Jalan:
Twitter: tonyjalan
LinkedIn: Tony Jalan

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