SSP 023: Widen Your Business Net with Odile Faludi

Odile Faludi is a Cold Calling Expert but hates the term. She prefers to see the interaction as “Kick Starting a Client Conversation.”
Odile has a proven track record of opening doors of C-suite level executives in the top 200 companies in Australia.
Odile runs workshops in Australia teaching Business Development Managers, Start-up Entrepreneurs, and Sales teams’ how to initiate client conversations and so much more.
Episode Summary:

Always be… reading, listening and learning.
Sales is everyones business; from the receptionist straight up to the top of any organization.
People who are good at sales and business development have a mindset of always widening their business net.
Once you taste success its very addictive, you want that next win and the opportunity to help someone else.
The more success I become is only because my students become successful.
Elite athletes have repetitive, strenuous daily rituals; so do sales pros
Prospecting, communicating, closing deals are daily rituals to build your business.
Your mindset is created by rituals.
Whats the most difficult thing about sales? Sales is very repetitious.
In sales there is a lot of rejection but you can’t take it personally. We are conditioned to say no.
Build your pipeline for the new year now.  Set up as many appointments as you can so come february you wont be cold calling, you’ll be reconnecting.
A business relationship is built over many conversations, not one chance meetings.
Start every conversation or meeting with giving.
Start with a small piece of work, use it as an entry point to be top of mind for the big piece of work.
Minds are like bank accounts, every time you do something positive its a deposit and something negative a withdrawal.
in sales, when someone pauses you shut up! They are thinking of a solution to the problem. Most sales people keep talking cause they hate the silence.
You can’t blame your team if you don’t train them. Even elite athletes have coaches.
Mangers don’t have the skill set or the time to train their salespeople.
You can’t expect a manager to double up as coach, there two different mindsets and to close to home.
Let them manage but don’t expect them to coach also.
We learn 10% by reading and 90% by doing.
Knowing is one thing, doing is another. Stephen Covey
Book Recommendations:
Josh Kaufman – The Personal MBA
Jill Konrath – Agile Selling
Knowing others is enlightenment, knowing yourself is wisdom.
How to connect with Odile:
Twitter: odilefaludi

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