SSP 012: Life of a Sales Trainer with Keith Gardner


Sales Pro’s, todays episode of the Smart Sales Pro is an interview with Sales Training Manager Keith Gardner.

Its been said that Keith is a stylish professional with sales acumen enough for the entire room. A trainer could literally learn a lifetime’s worth of sales prowess from Keith, but the way he communicates it; by putting complex concepts into simple language is his true mastery as a trainer.


SSP 011: Life of a Sales Trainer with Steen Allard-Lawson


Sales Pro’s,

Steen is a teacher, trainer and coach of inside sales agents for Revana, a Teletech company for clients like AT&T and T-Mobile.
Steen has an extensive background in sales, marketing and adult education as well as a wealth of knowledge, experience and perspective on the life of a sales trainer and what it takes to be a great one.

SSP 009: The Path of a Sales Pro with the Sales Trainer Colby Johnson


This week on the Smart Sales Pro Podcast I interview Sales Trainer Colby Johnson.   We discuss his sales journey, his transition from Sales rep to Team Lead, Supervisor, Manager and Trainer as well as the qualities needed to put yourself in a position of leadership.

SSP 008: Double your referrals with the Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly


This week on the Smart Sales Pro Podcast I interview the Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly.  We discuss his sales journey, his perspective on the characteristics of a successful Sales Pro, the greatest lessons he has learned from sales and how to double your referrals the Sales Evangelist way!

Donald Kelly can be heard on The Sales Evangelist Podcast and reached at\smartsalespro .


SSP 004: 5 Simple & Powerful Inside Sales Tips


Today’s episode will cover  several simple yet powerful best practices that I used myself as an inside sales agent that will get you one step closer Elite Sales Pro status.

  1. Believe you can win the sale on the every call.
  2. Don’t dog out the little people.
  3. Believe your product, service or solution is worth more than what it costs.
  4. Know your lines, don’t wing it.
  5. Be willing to call them back until they take your call.
  6. Burn your ships: You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.