SSP 006: Sales Tips from a G.O.A.T.


In this weeks episode I discuss my reflections on a talk by one of my favorite Sales Pro’s and arguably one of the Greatest of All Time in Sales, Personal and Professional Development.  I will share thoughts on topics and ideas such as mental fitness, being your own boss, passivity and hard work.

For questions or to request a sales topic I can be reached at as well as on twitter and Facebook @smartsalespro.

SSP 004: 5 Simple & Powerful Inside Sales Tips


Today’s episode will cover  several simple yet powerful best practices that I used myself as an inside sales agent that will get you one step closer Elite Sales Pro status.

  1. Believe you can win the sale on the every call.
  2. Don’t dog out the little people.
  3. Believe your product, service or solution is worth more than what it costs.
  4. Know your lines, don’t wing it.
  5. Be willing to call them back until they take your call.
  6. Burn your ships: You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

SSP 003: 5 Must Do’s For The First Sales Call


You’ve got to the office, had a cup of coffee and breakfast burrito, logged into all your systems, checked your voicemails and emails, now it’s time to go to work, it’s time to blitz, it’s time to uncover some new opportunity prospects,,,what do you do, what’s the next step? Continue reading SSP 003: 5 Must Do’s For The First Sales Call

SSP 002: How To Become A Successful Salesperson


Welcome to the Smart Sales Pro Podcast Episode #2.  My name is Michael Mason and I’m so excited for today’s episode.  Today’s topic is one of my most favorite sales things to talk about: How to become a successful salesperson. 

The foundation for this episode was inspired by a video I saw a few years ago by none other than Brian Tracy. Now if you’ve never heard of Brian Tracy it’s ok, because I once didn’t know who he was either.  He was one of the sales experts I stumbled upon when I discovered podcasts back in 2007.

That said, lets get into this weeks topic: How to become a successful salesperson. Continue reading SSP 002: How To Become A Successful Salesperson

SSP 001: Intro to the Smart sales Pro Podcast


SSP Logo Libsyn 300x300Smart Sales Pro Podcast is a weekly podcast interviewing the most interesting and successful sales professionals of today as well as insight and expertise on sales from the host and Sales Trainer Michael Mason.

Episode #1 is the introduction of the Smart Sales Pro Podcast and a breakdown of the podcasts purpose, plans and expectations. Enjoy!